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In Sost, Karakoram Highway border town with China, in Zood Khun (Zuwudkhon) and at Baba Ghundi shrine in Chapursan Valley

Pamir Serai offers a family accomodation for domestic and international travelers, trekkers, tourists or those who just want to enjoy a calm retreat in a pristine environment with organic food, great landscapes and scenic views in the middle of the peaceful and hospitable mountain Wakhi communities.

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Enjoy the Wakhi way of life

Pamir Serai guest houses are run by Alam Jan Dario 's family. They are located in Chapursan Valley : Zood Khun Village and Baba Ghundi meadow . Another one is conveniently situated in Sost , next to the Karakoram Highway, if you are coming from the south before crossing Chinese border or exploring the most northern Pakistan areas. It is also a good stop if you just arrive from China.

The Guest Houses – Pamir Serai

Pamir Serai guesthouses offer a Wakhi family accomodation in Sost, on the KKH, in Zoodkhun and at Baba Ghundi Ziarat, in Chapursan Valley

Pamir Serai guesthouse, testimonies of clients and credentials of Alam jan Dario

Pamir Serai and Alam Jan Dario’s family testimonies

Very few guides and guest houses enjoy such a large number of recommandations than Pamir Serai Guest Houses on books, « on line » newspapers or magazines, blogs, travel forums and modern social media. This is because Alam Jan Dario’s family has almost 30 years of experience for welcoming visitors from any nationalities in, once, a very remote part of the world and because the amazing connection between hosts and guests leads to unanimous praises.

Pamir Serai family

While being a guest at Pamir Serai, you will be treated by Alam Jan Dario’s family. You will be also the guest of their numerous relatives living in Zood Khun. People of Chapursan Valley are kind and hopsitable. Kids will never bother you. But most of them being fluent in English, they will enjoy talking with you and introducing their village to you.

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Prepare your next trip to Upper Hunza and to Chapursan Valley

Read the STORIES we collected for you about heritage, environment, tradition, myths, history of this remote and high region. Have a first look on the beauties you will discover with our IMAGE sélections. Be ready to learn on how Wakhi MUSIC and language are dynamic in Chapursan Valley thanks to their senior and also very young artists. Review the adventurous tours, PAMIR TRAILS, can offer you.

“Kindle the candle of intellect in your heart and hasten with it to the world of brightness.”

Nasir Khusraw

ReaD How past and present religions built a tradition palimpsest in a high valley of northern Pakistan

Wakhi people who live in Chapursan Valley can be found in the highest parts of the three largest watersheds of Central Asia (Amu Darya, Tarim, Indus). They live between 2,300 m and 4,000 m. They share some parts of their traditional areas, with small groups of other people, mostly Tajik Pamiri and Burushaski (with whom they belong to the same Ismaelian faith) Kirghiz and Uigurs .
Read more stories about Wakhi people.

About Us

Haji Bibi and Alam Jan Dario’s family will take care of you at Pamir Serai. We are local Wakhi people having more than 20 years of experience in trekking, guiding and accomodation of domestic and foreign visitors.

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