Pamir Serai homestay: the hosting family in Chapursan Valley, Northern Pakistan

Pamir Serai guesthouse and Alam Jan Dario family - ZoodKhun, Chapursan Valley, Chipurson
While staying in our guest house, Haji Bibi and Alam Jan Dario’s family will take care of you. You will be also welcome by their numerous relatives living in Zood Khun. The high mountain wakhi communities, bordering Afghanistan and China, are kind and hospitable. They belong to the peaceful Ismailian branch of Islam, whose leader is the Aga Khan. Kids, boys and girls, receive an amazing quality education. Fluent in English, most of the them will enjoy introducing their village to you.

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Pamir Serai, Alam Jan Dario and his daughter.
Alam Jan Dario and one of his daughters

Alam Jan Dario, guide for now 25 years is born in Chapursan valley of Hunza in 1972. His ancestor came from Wakhan corridor 150 years before. Let him introduce himself :

« I have been in Karachi for high studies. after coming back from karachi I was school teacher for three years in my home land ZoodKhun in Chapursan valley, Hunza then I joined tourism Industry in 1992 from Skardu, Baltistan, the biggest tourist field in pakistan, as a porter.
After one year I became a trekking guide for John Mock and Kimberly O’Neil for the trekking guide book in Indukush and Karakrom.
After as a trekking guide I start exploring several of new trekking routes and high passes in Karakoran, Hindu kush and Pamir montains range »

Alam Jan speaks numerous languages. He is fluent in English. He will always enjoy chating with his guests, with a cup of tea, and talking about his beautiful region that he loves so much. If you have enough time, he will tell you some amazing stories about his adventurous no borders experience in the high mountains of Pakistan, Afghanistan or Tajikistan.

A refuge in the Pamirs: an interview with Alam Jan Dario

Interview with Alam Jan Dario and his daughter, Sabreena, at his home and guesthouse, Pamir Serai, in Zood Khun, Chapursan Valley, Pakistan. July 2019. Alam Jan talk about life in the Chapursan Valley and high Pamirs, about travel and trekking in Pakistan, and about the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Alam Jan shares the story of his unique and compelling life and speaks with a quiet passion and poignancy of his beautiful valley and beloved homeland.

 Pamir Serai - Haji Bibi, Alam Jan Dario's wife and child
Alan Jan Dario’s wife, Haji Bibi and child – Courtesy of Katrin Beker Courte

Haji Bibi, manager of Pamir Serai, is born in a Qalender family of chapursan valley of Hunza.Her family is looking after the famous saint of Baba Ghundi in chapursan valley from two generations. and she is the first woman to give a hand in the tourism business in Chapursan Valley to her husband, Alam Jan Dario.Alam and Haji Bibi have four children: two daughters and two sons.

Late Haji Muhammad, father of Sarfraz Khan and Alam Jan Dario, established Pamir Serai guest houses in the remote Chapursan Valley of Upper Hunza.

Alam Jan’s mother lives with them.

Our Culture Our Pride!

Late Haji Muhammad, Alam Jan Dario’s father – Photo by Nadeem Khawar

Pamir Serai, Alam Jan Dario's mother

Alam Jan Dario’s late mother wearing the traditional wakhi headdress 
Pamir Serai guest house, Alam Jan Dario youngest daughter
Haji Bibii & Aalam Jan’s youngest daughter goes to visit Cousins accross Zood Khun Village © Bernard Grua

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Pamir Serai guesthouse and Alam Jan Dario family - ZoodKhun, Chapursan Valley, Chipurson
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Prepare your next trip to Upper Hunza and to Chapursan Valley

Read the STORIES we collected for you about heritage, environment, tradition, myths, history of this remote and high region. Have a first look on the beauties you will discover with our IMAGE sélections. Be ready to learn on how Wakhi MUSIC and language are dynamic in Chapursan Valley thanks to their senior and also very young artists. Review the adventurous tours, PAMIR TRAILS, can offer you.

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Pamir Serai: guesthouses in Sost and Zoodkhun (Chapursan Valley), accomodation near Baba Ghundi shrineat the bottom of Irshad Pass - Gojal, Upper Hunza, Pakistan

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