Pamir Serai – Musicians from Chapursan Valley, northern Pakistan

Wakhi musicians and singers from Chapursan Valley, Chipurson
Wakhi music is very dynamic in Chapursan Valley. Thanks to its senior and also young artists, this heritage is preserved. Old songs and dances are still performed, but there is a vibrant musical creation under the impulse of the numerous talents. Music is definitely to take into consideration while preparing a trip to the valley and while staying there.

Musicians from Chapursan Valley

Alam Jan Dario from Pamir Serai and Wakhi songs

Pamir Serai - Alam Jan Dario poet & singer - Chapursan Valley, Chipurson, Zood Khun

“In 1988 Radio Pakistan began playing songs in Wakki on the radio… Alam knew his cousin had a good voice but needed the right inspiration through song and instrument. He began writing and together they practiced long and hard until they believed they were ready…Their chance soon came at a local audition for new talent on Radio Pakistan. On the big day, all the big names were present but nobody had ever heard of Alam Jan Dario and his lyrical cousin. When their turn came to play, the crowd was stunned… Radio Pakistan asked them to do a recording and the rest as they say is history. Alam and his cousin are now famous throughout the Tajki speaking world and treated as celebrities wherever they go. His songs are always about love, nature and what Alam calls “Chapursan nationalism.”

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Ambere Pomir

Lyric : Alam Jan Dario | Vocal : Ali Aman | The One Of popular Song Of Wakhi AMBARI POMIR . | This Song Lyric by Alam Jan Dario in Wakhi is also Translated to Persian Tajik .

Ambare Pomir – Lyric by Alam Jan Dario

Sharafat Ali Gojo from Chapursan

Sidra, the little star of Chapursan

Sidra Haider Badakhshani is already famous in the region and is the promising talent of Chapursan Valley. She is the daughter of Mr. Haider Badakhshani who runs the Hilltop Guest House in Reshit, Chapursan. You can follow Sidra on her Facebook fan page.

A Chapursan master
Peer Ali’s legacy

It is not possible talking about Wakhi music in the region without mentioning Peer Ali from Sheresubz, a village of Chapursan Valley. He was a poet and a singer of legend He was also the personal poet of the Mir (king) of Hunza. Here below is one of his lyrics sung by DW Baig.

Wakhi artists of Chapursan are part of the traditional Persian musical world.

Wakhi people can be found in Upper Hunza (Pakistan), in China, in Afghan and Tajik Wakhan corridor. Their language and traditions are close to other Persian populations of Pamir. Chapursan music is an introduction to this cross-border artistic environment.

“Kath-e-Tath” is a Wakhi lullaby by Iqbal Hussain alias Indijek from Shimshal Valley for his son Rahim Shah alias Kakath. The context of the lullaby is a real life incident.
Wakhi Song: Dilet Diwona Bikhabar Gokt | Artist: Sultanat from China, Tashkurghan | Poet: Nazir Ahmed Bulbu
Title: Yem Okhri Guno Sarem, Yaan Bus
Lyrics: Muhammad Zia
Vocalist: Riaz Sahar
Wakhi Song – Saltanat and Laili (Chinese Artists, from Tashkurghan ) | Poetry: Nazir Ahmed @ Roof of World Festival, Gulmit By Bulbulik Heritage Center, Gulmit Gojal

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Wakhi musicians and singers from Chapursan Valley, Chipurson
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