Pamir Serai and Alam Jan Dario’s family testimonies

Pamir Serai guesthouse, testimonies of clients and credentials of Alam jan Dario
Very few guides and guest houses enjoy such a large number of recommandations than Pamir Serai Guest Houses on books, on line newspapers or magazines, blogs, travel forums and modern social media. This is because Alam Jan Dario’s family has almost 30 years of experience for welcoming visitors from any nationalities in, once, a very remote part of the world and because the amazing connection between hosts and guests leads to unanimous praises.

Pamir Serai’s testimonies on publications

Lonely Planet, 2015
Lonely Planet Alam Jan Dario pamir Serai Chapursan

In Zood Khun, Pamir Serai offers traditional accommodation in the house of Alam Jan Dario. This means you eat and sleep with the family in the traditional house on floor mattresses. Pamir Serai also has a hut with a basic kitchen and mattresses and blankets at Baba Ghundi which can be used by guests.

At Zood Khun, accommodation, trekking information, yak and jeep transport and more can be found at the Pamir Serai guest house run by the redoutable Alam Jan Dario, horseman, musician and ambassador of Wakhi Tajik culture. As the operator of Pamir Trails (, Alam Jan Dario runs cultural and adventurous treks on foot or horseback into the valleys and over the passes of his spectacular homeland.
Beyond Zood Khun is the mystical and holy Baba Ghundi Ziarat, a shrine to a Sufi saint said to have miraculous powers, and a popular pilgrimage site. The shrine is surrounded by meadows that host herds of sheep in summer and, sporadically from June to September, Kyrgyz traders from Afghanistan who traditionally cross the Irshad Pass with horses, yaks and sheep to trade with the Chapursan villagers.
Read more on Lonely Planet guide…

Le Petit Futé 2091/2020
Le Petit Futé, recommendation Alam Jan Dario pamir Serai Chapursan

Cette charmante guesthouse est une adresse incontournable, bien qu’un peu rudimentaire. Elle possède 3 chambres dotées de salle de bains (avec de l’eau chaude !). Une pièce commune gorgée de lumière permet aux voyageurs de se retrouver, de lire ou de préparer la suite de leur périple. Alam Jan, le propriétaire des lieux, a parcouru à pied, à dos de cheval ou de yak toute la région, et les montagnes alentour, et ce jusqu’aux confins de l’Afghanistan. Il se fera un plaisir de vous donner des conseils et de partager ses souvenirs ou des légendes glanées au fil de ses virées dans le Pamir, l’Himalaya ou l’Hindu Kuch. Read more on French guide, “Le Petit Futé”…

Pamir – Forgotten on the roof of the world, Matthieu and Mareile Paley, 2012
Matthieu Paley, recommendation Alam Jan Dario pamir Serai Chapursan

Famous French photographer (Geo & National Geographic) Matthieu Paley and his german wife Mareile are very special people in Chapursan Valley and, namely, in Pamir Serai – Zoodkhun, where they learnt the Wakhi language. Their initial visit dates back to 1998. They came, again, numerous times over the last two decades. They are close friends of Alam Jan Dario’s family. This immersion in Wakhi culture enabled them to conduct authentic and amazing expeditions to Afghan Wakhan corridor and little Pamir. In their stunning book, “Pamir- Forgotten on the roof of the world” 2012, they pay tribute to Alam Jan. Matthieu Paley talent perfectly expressed itself in a collection of photographies about Hunza people. Mountains — The Hunzakuts. On her blog Mareile Paley talks with touching words about the life in Zoodkhun. See: Reflections – month 9: Sharbat and Süpürjüvn

Pamir Times – Minhaj Rehman, 2015
Pamir Times, recommendation Alam Jan Dario pamir Serai Chapursan

… Alam Jan Dariyo the man who opened Chapursan Valley to tourism. .. Known as ‘Pahari Bakri’ the mountain goat, Alam has a story that stuns even the bravest and fearless among us… His father was a Robin Hood of his era… The legend passed on to the sons… His strong stature and penchant for mountains made him a good cut out for the crazy foreigners heading towards gigantic glacier treks and 8000ers. He would carry ridiculous amount of weight and walked days without wavering…The word got out and he became famous. To the point where, Lonely Planet, travel guide authors for Pakistan came down to meet him. He helped John Mock write one of the most comprehensive book on the area taking them to Afghanistan and cross into Pakistan through mountainous passes. He took several journeys on horses and yaks to Tajikistan. He speaks numerous regional languages and has somewhat princely status among the rest… I stumbled upon a publication by Central Asia Institute, founded by the infamous Greg Mortenson of the ‘Three Cups of Tea’ fame. What I didn’t know was that the man who helped him setup literally everything from the bottom up was Alam Jan and his brother Sarfraz… Like they say I left some part of me there, taking some part of it with me.
Read the complete article: “A voyage to Zuwudkhun, Chipursan”

Herald Dawn – Rocio Otero, 2017
Herald Dawn, recommendation Alam Jan Dario pamir Serai Chapursan

(Alam Jan) Dario has intimate knowledge of those living in the region – they are essentially Tajiks who are scattered in Chapursan Valley as well as in Afghanistan’s northeastern Wakhan strip on the other side of the border. “They are the same people,” he told me… Expect to pay around 1000-1500 Rs per night, including breakfast and dinner with his family.
Alam Jan can also arrange camping equipment, treks, and horse and yak rentals for you. Price is negotiable, though I know horse rentals are about 5,000 PKR per day. Though bad knees have stopped him from trekking himself, there’s no more knowledgeable person about trekking in the valley. Alam Jan has guided the likes of Matthieu Paley, the renowned National Geographic photographer and a friend of his, as well as Lonely Planet authors….
Read the complete article on: “A foreigner’s journey moving along the borders of Pakistan

Destinations Pakistan – Faheem Rao, 2018
Destinations, recommendation Alam Jan Dario pamir Serai Chapursan

Mr. Alam Jan Dario is a famous local musician and a horseman par excellence whose family-style guesthouse, the Pamir Serai, is the best place to stay. It is comfortable and affordable, and you are served local organic food from the kitchen. Since Chapurson valley is very safe and the locals are very hospitable, you can also enjoy riverside camping…
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Pamir Serai’s visitor posts on Instagram

The hiking legend
Sost: “My very good friend Alam Jan”
“The treasure who owns this place”
“Alam Jan Dario, Wakhi explorer, poet & one of the best polo player of Gojal”
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Trillion star hotel. July 2018 Pamir Sarai in Chapursan owned by the legendary Alam Jan bhai is the most comfortable guest house I have ever been to. I am absolutely fascinated by this place. One could easily spend weeks there without worrying about a single thing. There is a passage from gate to the main Sarai. On both sides of the passage are wild flowers of purple and yellow color that smell so exotic that you feel welcomed even before your eyes lay on the main Sarai. The Sarai has to separate halls. The main halls has two additional rooms. One of the walls of main halls is painted by a French woman who spent a long time in Chupursan. The same hall is also a sun room whose huge windows give you a complete view of the mountains in front. One thing that got my attention was that more foreigners visited this this place than Pakistanis. Credit goes to Alam jan bhai who did so much for this valley and had earned a lot of respect for his efforts. A friend tells me that he saw Alam bhai profile on couch surfers in 2007 and that Alam bhai has been using internet since 1998. In his guest house I saw books written in Korean and French, of people who visited Chupursan valley and admiring him for a great man that he was.  Alam bhai along discovered all the treks of Chapursan valley. He has crossed Chillinji pass on a horse, the only person to be able to do so. Alam bhai is the type of person you fall in love with before even meeting him. It gets me thinking that why gems like him are often unheard of.

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Incredible skies at night thanks to altitude and clean air – View from inside the sun room
“The reason I mention him is, that he was extremly friendly”
Wall painting inside the sun room by Mareile Paley
Eva Zu Beck, recommendation Alam Jan Dario pamir Serai Chapursan
Instagram story of famous Instragrammer and vlogger, Eva Zu Beck.
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Eva Zu Beck, recommendation Alam Jan Dario pamir Serai Chapursan
Instagram story of Eva Zu Beck.
Eva and Alam Jan in front of the wall painting done by Mareile Paley
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Pamir Serai’s testimonies on blogs

A Visit with Alam Jan Dario, Health, Schools, Community Health and More – Katrin Becker, 2014
Basic Health International - Pamir Serai, Alam Jan Dario recommendation

Alam Jan is a great musician, poet, community leader and friend… We had a good discussion re: health issues with the shepherds over a cup of chai. As light was fading, we headed back to Alam Jan’s house for the night. We met his mother, wife and the rest of the family, had a lovely traditional meal and spent the night at his home… His hospitality is well known
Read the complete article…

Chapursan Valley: bumpy roads, another Afghan frontier and so much human kindness, 2020
Goec Gone Wild, Pamir Serai, Alam Jan Dario recommendation

… We had reached Pamir Serai, home of Alam Jan the local hiking hero… We entered the dark and cosy interior of Alam Jan’s home where his wife and incredibly cute and lively daughter of around 7 years were waiting to meet us. As we sat in that warm interior, sipping the best tea we had tasted yet and watched the steam rise out of our sodden clothing we had a feeling of such complete contentment. It wasn’t difficult to see why Alam Jan was happy living here. We spent a wonderful evening in the company of this little family, sharing their meal and exchanging tales of Alam Jan’s mountaineering endeavours and our own, more modest, adventures… ‘Whatever your budget, you pay what you can.’ We looked awkwardly at each other, before our host patted us on the arm and repeating that it was ‘not important’ and wishing us goodnight. What a strange and wonderful corner of the world we had ended up in.
Read the complete article…

Pakistan – A country we mis-interpret, 2017
yhNEOH, Pamir Serai, Alam Jan Dario recommendation

“Come come, don’t worry, there will be a room for you when you arrived”. It was the first time Alam Jan replied my queries in whatsapp. Alam Jan Dario is one of the few pioneers that promote tourism in the northern Pakistan since 20 years ago. Also, he is a talented person and well verse in poetry, music, photography, trekking and a community leader. He is currently running a guest house (Pamir Serai) in Chapursan valley, hosting tons of foreigners from all over the world. I still remembered the first day I arrived in Zudkhun, it was a cold evening, but Alam Jan been standing outside of his housing compound waiting for his guest from far east.
Read the complete article….

Chapursan Valley – Ali Hameed, 2007
Ali-Hameed - Pamir Serai, Alam Jan Dario recommendation

The valley is very narrow with beautiful landscape. People of the valley are very peaceful and friendly. Pamir Serai, a traditional Wakhi home style hotel run by the great Alam Jan Dario (a local guide, musician and poet) and Haji Bibi and it is the only place to stay there. Food and accommodation is good and time spent there is unforgettable!.. We had fabulous time roaming around the village. At night, Alam Jan Dario, who is a local guide as well as Wakhi poet and musician arranged for some local music. It was nice to meet village locals. I was told that Zood Khun is the last village of Pakistan and I told them that it seems to be the most beautiful village of Pakistan as well.
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Pakistan-China border crossing at Khunjerab Pass – Joan Torres, 2019
Against the compass, Pamir Serai, Alam Jan Dario recommendation

Where to stay in Sost? – Pamir Serai Guest House – A hotel run by a local Wakhi (Alam Jan) who also works as a guide for the whole Wakhan region, including in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. You can ask him for advice if you are heading to this part of the world afterwards. I recommend Pamir Serai 100%.
Read the complete article on “Against the compass”

Chapursan Valley a beautiful remote Valley in Pakistan – Unusual traveler
Unusual Traveler, Pamir Serai, Alam Jan Dario recommendation

This breathtaking valley is located less than 10km&miles from the Afghanistan border in the Wakhan corridor. It is still one of the less travelled to and unexplored regions of the country with its lonely snowy peaks… Across all my travels, this visit was one of the most memorable ones especially when you realise that you stay in the same house as (Pamir Serai Homestay) Greg Monterson mentions in the book “Stones Into Schools” (there´s a lot of photos on the walls from his visit)
Read the complete article

Pamir Serai’s testimonies on forums

July 5th, 2019 by LotteNielsOverland

We came by car to this nice & relaxing place. As the road can get very narrow at some points, not recommended for big rigs. It is a good gravel road though. Takes about 2,5 hours. Very scenic at the start.
We could sleep in our car in the garden for free and use the toilet and even hot bucket shower. Had our meals with them (breakfast 200 PKR, lunch&dinner 300 PKR p.p.). Rooms are also available for 1000 PKR.
Some nice (multiple) day treks to do in the area. A nice half-day hike to small lakes in which you can swim is possible. Owner Alam Jan can tell you everything about the hikes, Wakhi culture and the crazy treks he made in his life. He can also recommend some nice wildcamp spots further down the valley.

June 27th, 2019 by sumarwat

Alam jan is one amazing host. Living with wakhi family was a great experience. Great hospitality by whole family. You can hear amazing mountain stories here…

June 27th, 2019 by

Nice guesthouse and super friendly hosts – Alam Jan his wife and the little daughter Kumkum! Alam Jan speaks a good English and knows this region (including tracks to Afghanistan) perfectly. At Pamir Serai guesthouse, we ate the best Daal we ever had!

May 25th, 2019 by jaycorry

A really nice guesthouse in Zuwudkhoon, the last village in Chipurson valley. Alam, the owner, has been running this place for over 2 decades. He is a man of the mountains and will offer great advice if needed. Comfortable rooms and areas to relax in, and a glass sunroom with beautiful views of the mountains. He will also try arrange a visit to Baba Ghundi, which is not meant to be allowed for foreigners. You eat meals with the family, and when we asked how much everything cost he just said to pay what we feel is fair.

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Tweets about Chapursan and Pamir Serai guest houses


The last tweet presented above brought to our attention the album of Ms. Aneeqa Ali, owner of the “Mad Hatters” travel company in Lahore. She presents her trip to Chipurson rendering the special human dimension a visit to the valley can have. We embeded below part of her pics. But you should have a look to the complete album on Mad Hatters Facebook page. She also maintains a beautiful website deserving a visit.

On the way between Sost and Zood Khun with Alam Jan dario
Haji Bibi, Alam Jan Dario’s wife prepares some fod for a trip to Baba Ghundi. She is, here, in the main room of the house with Alam jan’s mother.
Baba ghundi ziarat at the end of the valley and at the bottom of Irshad pass leading to Afghanistan
Azam Dario with his guest on the motor cycle between Baba Ghundi and Zood Khun
Great view
In the sun room of Pamir Serai guest house in Zood khun
Azam Dario, Alam Jan’s son, drives the guest to Bab Ghundi on his motor cycle
Pamir Serai house at Baba Ghundi
A lake between Baba Ghundi and Zood Khun
Mareile Paley’s painting in Pamir Serai sun room
Children at Zood Khun school lern traidtionnal music withe Fazal Ur Rehman, the famous Chipurson artist

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