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Pamir Serai guest house, Chapursan Valley, the wakhi homestay
In the pristine Chapursan Valley, our guest houses offer homestay in a traditional Wakhi family home and in a shepherd house at Zood Khun Village (3,300 m) and at Baba Ghundi meadow (4,000m), below Irshad Pass bordering Afghanistan. The access is from Sost, on Karakoram Highway, before crossing the Khunjerab Pass to China or while exploring Gojal, the Upper Hunza.

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Presentation of our guest-houses

Pamir Serai Guest-House in Zood Khun (Zuwudkhoon on wikipedia & Google map) – Alt 3 300 m

Our guest-house of Zoodkhun will welcome you in Chapursan (also spelled Chipursan, Chapurson,Chipurson) Valley. We can accept until 10 persons. The sleeping is as « at home » with traditional matelas on the carpet.
We try to host the guest as it was in the time of Nassir khisraw, Gengis Khan or Alexander the great.

Pamir Serai Guest-houses - Chapursan Valley, Chipursaon - Alam Jan Dario
The featured image of this page is a courtesy of Ms. Mareile Paley, who made this painting on Pamir Serai’s wall. It represents the orange moutain at Irshad Pass she crossed with her husband, Matthieu Paley, the famous photographer (National Geographic & Geo), while coming from Afghanistan. It is showed in their book: Forgotten on the roof of the world.
Pamir Serai Zood Khun Chapursan. Summer Social Room
Pamir Serai Zood Khun Chapursan. Sun Room
Pamir Serai Zood Khun, sun room roof in winter

We can prepare any kind of meal and breakfast.
All the vegetables come from the garden and are organic. We can prepare all the special dishes from wakhi tradional food like Molida, Chilpentok, Bat and Chamurki, …

Pamir Serai guesthouse - The room « solarium » bio-climatic, facing the south and the second room
The room « solarium » bio-climatic, facing the south and the second room
Pamir Serai guesthouse, inside the traditional pamiri house
Inside the traditional pamiri house
Pamir Serai, Alam Jan Dario, vegetable garden
Fresh organic vegetables from the gardenh

Find Pamir Serai Zood Khun (Zuwud Khoon) on Google Map

Pamir Serai guest house at Baba Ghundi
Alt 4 000 m

This is a simple accomodation in a herder like house in an alpine pasturage near the important pilgrimage Ziarat (shrine) of the saint, Baba Ghundi. One hour drive from Zoodkhun, it is located at the end of Chapursan Valley and at the bottom of Irshad Pass connecting with the Afghan Wakhan . Accomodation can be organized in advance from Pamir Serai guest-houses of Sost or Zoodkhun.

Pamir Serai Guesthouse Baba Ghundi, Chapursan Valley, Chipurson
Pamir Serai guest house at Baba Ghundi

Find Baba Ghundi on Google Map

How to get to Pamir Serai guest-houses

Getting to Sost

  1. From Islamabad :
    Getting to Gilgit : By bus or By air (daily flght from Islamabad depending on the weather)
    Gilgit to Sost : By minibus
  2. From China
    Kashgar to Sost : By Bus

From Sost to Zood Khun

  1. By cargo jeep. It is a three hours trip. Cargo jeep leaves arount 2:30 PM from BABA GHUNDI HOTEL/CAFE (click on the name for the place).
    Return is around 5:30 AM from Zood Khun. Schedule may change. Get a prior confirmation.
  2. A private transportation can also be arranged in advance between Sost and Zood khun with Pamir Serai.

The road to Zood Khun and Pamir Serai

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Pamir Serai Guesthouse at Zuwud khoon (Zood Khun) and Baba Ghundi, Chapursan Valley, Chipurson - Alam Jan Dario
Please note that during COVID pandemic period, Sost guest house does not provide tourist accomodation while being made available as a district quarantine facility. However, you are most welcome at ZoodKhun and Baba Ghundi guesthouses in Chapursan Valley.
Prepare your next trip to Upper Hunza and to Chapursan Valley

Read the STORIES we collected for you about heritage, environment, tradition, myths, history of this remote and high region. Have a first look on the beauties you will discover with our IMAGE collections. Be ready to learn on how Wakhi MUSIC and language are dynamic in Chapursan Valley thanks to their senior and also very young artists. Review the adventurous tours, PAMIR TRAILS, can offer you.

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Pamir Serai: guesthouses in Sost and Zoodkhun (Chapursan Valley), accomodation near Baba Ghundi shrineat the bottom of Irshad Pass - Gojal, Upper Hunza, Pakistan

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