Pamir Serai – Images of Chapursan Valley, northern Pakistan

Pamir Serai, Chapursan Valley, Chipurson, Photography, Video - Alam Jan Dario - Pamir Serai
There are a lot of sceneries, traditions, mountain local life to observe in Upper Hunza. Pamir Serai collected links to photography works, to videos and to social media for comforting you with a trip or a vacations project in Chapursan Valley.
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Matthieu Paley’s photographies of Chapursan Valley

Matthieu Paley is a renowned French photographer who works for “Geo” and the “National Geographic“. He is a close friend of Alam Jan Dario‘s family and learned the Wakhi language in Pamir Serai guest-house. Such a knowledge was of precious help for the adventurous treks and observations he did, in High Asia, alone or with his wife, Mariele.

Talking about photography in Hunza, and especially in Chapursan Valley, makes it mandatory to introduce to his work. In the following short gallery are presented some of his creations about Chapursan Valley, which are purposely in a reduced size format and in a reduced quality to respect his intellectual property. We strongly recommend you to click on the thumbnails leading to Matthieu Paley’s website. There, it is possible to view the images in full resolution and to read a full description.

The interior of Sarfraz Khan (Alam Jan Dario’s late brother) house, a Wakhi trader in Pakistan that later became one of the main regional manager at the Central Asia Institute..Mud house in Zood khun village (3300m), at the end of Chapursan Valley, at the border with Afghanistan, in the Pamir MountainsFoothills of the Pamir: the last sheep pen before the climb up into Afghanistan. Wolf and snow leopard predation is a big problem in the region.Mareile & Matthieu Paley’s first view of Pakistan. Going over the 4925m Irshad Uween pass, the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, in their last days trek…
A Wakhi man catches a yak in Chapursan, Pakistan.A sheep has been attacked by wolves overnight. Chapursan valley, Pakistan.

Chapursan Valley photo albums and slideshows

Flickr local and foreign photographers of Chapursan Valley
Yashkuk Sar NE..Shepherd family at  Baba GhundiMama making tae at  Baba Ghundi
FieldsRock Bunting (Emberiza cia)Kirmin, Gojal, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

This section presents a selection of embedded thumbnails from different artists who captured the Chapursan’s scenery and way of life. Clicking on them leads you to the original images in full resolution and to their description on Flickr.

Yashkuk Sar 6667m.Kampir Dior 7168m..Chillinji Laa WakhanYashkuk Tower..
Pakistan_1998_118 Descending the glacier from the Chillinji An (MA-2)Thin veil of cloud over Chapursan Valley. North PakistanGlacier with small pools near to the Chapursan valley. PakistanIshkuk, Gojal, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Pakistan_1998_130 Baba Ghundi Ziarat (MA-38)Baba Ghundi.Nomads-of-baba-Ghundichapursan
Pakistan_1998_131 Traders from the Wakhan (MA-40)Yaks,  Chapursan Valley296774_104420806328012_100002802801469_28297_6247082_nYishkuk Madow & Chipursan Wemen
The elder sister standing at the back of the family home. Chapursan valley. PakistanPakistan_1998_140 Lower Chapursan valley (MB-36)Feilds and buildingsRaminj

The photographers of this short selection are presented in order of appareance. Clicking on their names let you visit their amazing work.

You have a Flickr account, you took a nice picture of Chapursan Valley? You can suggest us to embed it here. Just put the link in a comment at the bottom oft his page.

Complete album of Zoodkhun Village in Chapursan Valley

This album contains more than 60 pictures about people, landscapes and houses of Zood Khun Village. A few other pictures show lower parts of Chapursan Valley.

Move the mouse on the first picture. You will see arrows allowing a browse through all the images. You can, also, see directly this collection on Flickr. It might be more convenient if you are using a mobile phone.

DSC_2801-20180804-1425-+0011-Chapursan © Bernard Grua

A slideshow with a selection of pictures from the above album.

A slideshow with a selection of pictures of Chapursan Valley

From Rakaposhi viewpoint to Khunjerab pass via Zood Khun

High summits of Upper Hunza

Either you come to Chapursan Valley from the south of Pakistan or from China, this slideshow presents the major summits along the Karakoram Highway from Aliabad (Medium Hunza) to the Chinese border.

Videos about Chapursan Valley

A video by Tabish Sethi presenting Upper Chapursan Valley from Zood Khun to Baba Ghundi ziarat.

It show musicians, landscapes and accommodation at Pamir Serai guesthouse.

The international Baba Ghundi Festival, at the famous Sufi saint shrine, is the major spiritual, social, cultural and athletic event of the region. It is joined, from far away, by Pakistanis and by foreigners such as travelers or by Wakhi and Kyrgyz people from Afghanistan.

There, you can buy local handicraft products, attend concerts, watch dances or games like buzkashi, horse polo, yak polo… If you intend visiting Gojal in summer, you should not miss is. Enquire to Pamir Serai to make sure about the program and to get the proper accommodation.

Zoodkhun’s water mill was used to grind wheat and barley produced in the surrounding fields. Like the crops it overlooks, it was fed by a channel bringing water from melting glaciers.

It is no longer used today, being replaced by an electric mill. However, it is still in working order. The driving force comes from an ingenious turbine rotating in its base. This emblematic process of the high valleys of Central Asia represents a testimony to be preserved for next generations.

Chapursan Valley on Instagram

You made a nice Instagram post about of Chapursan Valley? You can suggest us to embed it here. Just put the link in a comment at the bottom oft his page.

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Pamir Serai, Chapursan Valley, Chipurson, Photography, Video - Alam Jan Dario - Pamir Serai
Prepare your next trip to Upper Hunza and to Chapursan Valley

Read the STORIES we collected for you about heritage, environment, tradition, myths, history of this remote and high region. Be ready to learn on how Wakhi MUSIC and language are dynamic in Chapursan Valley thanks to their senior and also very young artists. Review the adventurous tours, PAMIR TRAILS, can offer you.

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