Anita’s vlog on Zood Khun, Chapursan Valley , northern Pakistan

Anita Sarfraz, Pamir Serai, Chapursan Valley, Zoodkhun, vlog
Anita is a young vlogger from Chapursan Valley. She belongs to a legendary family. Her adorable Grand Mother, Bibi Gulnaz, was a highly respected person. All travelers who met with this lady keep a kind and warm remembrance of her. Her Grand Father, Haji Muhammad, is a symbol of the Wakhi adventurous gentleman from the mountains. Her father, Sarfraz Khan inherited the values of his parents and became a legend, too, thanks to the work he did in Central Asia for building schools with Greg Mortenson. He allowed education for countless girls and boys in Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Anita, then, is the niece of Alam Jan Dario, the guide, the poet and the singer, who runs with his wife, Haji Bibi, the Pamir Serai guest houses.

Don’t get fooled, Anita is not an “influencer” presenting fake, misleading and staged glamorous videos as the ones produced by some foreign women duly hired by the government for Pakistan tourism promotion. She shows an inside and an outside vision of the real life in Zood Khun (also spelled Zuwud Khoon), the last and the highest (3,300 m) village of Chapursan (also spelled Chipurson, Chipursan or Chapurson) Valley. Her testimony is of importance while it documents a mountain heritage, being presented with her heart and with all her love for her remote land. Do not forget to follow Anita’s Youtube Channel.

My village 🏡/ Gilgit traditional home💕

hello friends it’s me Anita sarfraz hope you all doing great. this is my house in village made of mud and stones.

OMG 😱 my lil czns having fun with YAK 😂 it’s dangerous 😳

hello guys it’s me Aneeta sarfraz. I’m sharing funny video of my lil czns having with with yak in my village zoodkhud chapurson.hope you guys enjoyed it.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas 🎄/snow fall in chapurson and passu 

hello friends, hope you all doing well 😊 happy crismistmas to all of you who are celebrating and happy quaid-e-azam day as well ❤️ . hope you guys are enjoying have fun and celebrate with your friends and family ❤️🎄🌨️❄️ don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel ❤️🙏

MOTHER OF A LEGEND❤️/ she’s no more with us 😭/unbelievable 💔

hello friends hope you all doing well. this weekend on Sunday 22/11/2020 we lost our grandmother 😭 in this video I have shared our memories. Grandmother. The true power behind the power.❤️ The day you died, my heart fell. I will never forget you until I die. Maybe someday we will meet up in the sky. I know the Lord took you cause it was your time to meet your real happiness (husband n sun) in heaven. I think of you from the day you died, wondering what would be you doing and how much happy you would be their because you finally get rid of this fake world and relationships…

Polo match challenge between my brother and his friends ✌️/ fun😂😱

Hey what’s up guys. hope you guys are enjoying my videos. if you do, please give it a thumbs up and hit the Subscribe button.

Proud daughter of legend❤️/In memory of late SARFRAZ khan😢💕/

hello friends it’s me Anita sarfraz. in this video I have shared the life journey of my beloved father late SARFRAZ khan who died 13 Nov 2012 due to cancer. he struggled alot in his life after that he achieved so much in a very short period of time. please pray for his maghfirat 🙏 May Allah Pak rest his soul in eternal peace. Ameen😢 I’m a proud daughter of late SARFRAZ khan. you can visit facebook Greg Mortenson page 👇… for so much more about him. he mentioned each and every thing about him so well.🙏❤️

The story behind haji abad 💞/Fun✌️/ANEETA SARFRAZ vlogs

hello friends it’s me Anita sarfraz with another vlog … In this vlog I have share the story behind haji abad. actually my grandfather name was Mohammad Haji and after his death my father donate fund for the water supply project and supply water there and then divide this place equally to all the village members so they can work on their plots and make it a beautiful second home for them. home you guys will like this video if you like it then don’t forget to like,share and subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙏💖

best place to visit in Gilgit baltistan 💞/CHAPURSON/ANEETA SARFRAZ vlogs ✌️

hello friends it’s me Anita sarfraz. This vlog is about my tour to youshkuk 😍 youshkuk is basically a beautiful place inside chapurson filled with lots of natural beauty ❤️ hope you guys will enjoy this vlog. if you like then don’t forget to hit on the like and share it with your friends and family and don’t forget to subscribe 😜 I’m new in this journey need you guys support ✌️💞


Hello friends Its me Anita sarfraz. In this vlog it’s all about my grandma. how much she love her own old house and how much she miss her dead childrens😭. Indeed she’s a very strong lady ☺️💖 I love you so much grandma 💗 I’m new in this journey need your support and love guysss 🙂🙏 Don’t forget to like,share and subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙏❤️SHOW LESS

Corona series ( fun with besties)💖

life is too short so don’t waste it. Enjoy it as much as you can. 🦋💖

life in village during lockdown 

okay… life is tough 🙄 but you can change it into fun😅

If you believe you can do it.🌼

hello everyone!! My name is Aneeta.In this pandemic disease I went to my village chapurson hunza. As l love to play football so I decided to have a session with those girls there….

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Pamir Serai: guesthouses in Sost and Zoodkhun (Chapursan Valley), accomodation near Baba Ghundi shrineat the bottom of Irshad Pass - Gojal, Upper Hunza, Pakistan

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